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You’re a homeowner. You’re a business owner. You’re a nice person who loves the unexpected and is excited by uniqueness. You need a space that speaks of who you are. A space that was invented just for you. You, wildly wonderful you, and you want someone in your corner, exceeding your expectations and helping you achieve your dreams.

You want this space to be your own, a space that you proudly welcome your guests to. You can feel this space in your heart, but just can’t quite see it your head and don’t know how to create it. You need a little help, a shove in the right direction. If only you had someone to hold your hand and make decisions with you. If only you had someone to guide your space to greatness; take a drawing and construct it into existence, make your dream a reality.

You’re in the right place

We will get along swimmingly if:

  • You know what you like but you don’t know how to tie that into what you have.
  • You want an end result but can’t envision the details that it would need to make your heart sing.
  • You see too many options and get yourself stuck in the dazzling world of possibilities.
  • You love goat cheese – and maybe you’ve got a thing for recycling too.

Design Vertigo’s creative team is here to serve

Hi there, I’m Amanda Wilde. After a thrilling, soul-searching, learning “the hard way”, busy, exciting experience of owning my own boutique, I left the retail world and founded Design Vertigo Creative. Beautiful interior design,  groundbreaking architecture, innovative up-cycling, and hip textiles make me so happy. Happy like a chilled glass of Prosecco happy. Happy like holding a baby bunny happy. Especially when my good design is enriching other people’s lives and work. Especially when  doing what lights me up helps you enjoy more, do more and live more.

Imagine how it would feel to return after a long day to a home that greets you and wraps you in a calm, comforting peace. Imagine the energy and efficiency your new business will have when the space not only looks amazing but also functions amazingly for staff and guests. Imagine what it would be like to catapult your good business into a great business with an interior design that positively impacts your clientele and keeps them returning and referring.

In capable hands, a smartly designed and uniquely created environment can do that for you.

At Design Vertigo Creative, we are professional environment cultivators. We fancy crafting spaces that no other business or home will have but yours (and throwing the perfect unveiling party once we’re finished).  We translate the needs of your space into colors, patterns, layouts, furniture, fixtures and lights. We delight in transforming good spaces into brilliantly beautiful ones. And more than that, we renew the function of your space to fulfill its duty so your home or business won’t be just a pretty face.

We believe that your everyday ordinary should still be extraordinary.

We also believe that you can (and should) invest in your environment. Our mission is to help nice people love their home; be inspired at their work, and keep customers coming back to their business.

We do that by offering:

Full service Interior Design

Event Design

Fresh Floral Design

Community Development

If you’re motivated to make a change; then come and explore our specialties, peruse our projects and meet people that get the job done.

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